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Informing Others

“Tell Us Once”

The first hours and days after a death are incredibly difficult and Moons Funeral Services are here to provide emotional support and to guide you through the necessary administrative procedures.

We offer our decades of experience when you are navigating official documentation and registration, including the government service “tell us once”.

This service allows you to inform central and local government services of the death at one time, rather than having to write or telephone each one.

What To Do First

Minimising Distress

The “tell us once” government service makes it easier for the person registering the death to report it to most government organisations in one go.

The registrar will give you important information regarding this service, and we at Moons Funeral Service will be at hand to assist you throughout the process if necessary.

During this challenging and unfortunate time, we want you to know that our services are here to provide support as we understand the difficulties you may be facing.

Help With Payments

Informing Other Organisations

Although “tell us once” reports the death to most government organisations, such as the Passport Office, in one simple phone call, there are other organisations that will need to be informed individually.

These include social services if the deceased was receiving community care services, banks and building societies, utility companies, insurance companies, GPs or opticians, personal or occupational pension scheme providers and employers or trade unions.

If you are uncertain who should be informed, Moons Funeral Service are happy to provide tailored advice and support.

Bereavement Registration

To protect against identify fraud concerning the deceased, and to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail received, you may wish to fill in a Bereavement Registration Form.

This removes the name of the deceased from mailing lists, reducing the risk of junk mail delivered in their name which may be distressing to relatives.

Bereavement Registrar

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Secure peace of mind with our pre-paid plans, ensuring your final arrangements are taken care of in advance.

We offer a range of dignified funeral options to honour and remember your loved one in a meaningful way.